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We specialize in coaching beginner surfers up to proven intermediates & have broken down everything you need to learn into four simple levels. Having this structure helps us explain where you're at, and which skills we need to work on next. If you don't know which level you're at, don't worry, we'll take care of that on your first day and make sure you're in a group with other surfers at the same ability.


"Can ride a wave standing for more than 5 seconds"

Level 1 surfers have normally never touched a surfboard before or have had a few taster lessons.

Our focus is on giving you the basics of safety & ocean awareness, building your confidence in the white water & then helping you take  the first steps in understanding how to turn the surfboard lying down (prone position). You'll then be guided in the most efficient 'pop up' method for you in getting to your feet on the board.


"Complete white water surfer & can surf a small soft green wave"

You’ve had some lessons, surfed a few times before, and definitely have the basics down.

We teach you a variety of methods to get out through the waves & start to hone your skills in timing & slelecting waves to surf back into the shore. Once you're confidant standing, perfecting your functional stance will be the next stage along with moving you body wieght to start controlling the board.


"Can ride small green waves going left and right"

Level 3 surfers are normally heading 'out back' and can navigate the 'line up' safely & effectivley

This is one of the most important stages in surfing where a variety of skills come together all at the same time. Surfers focus on perfecting their pop up technique, reading & choosing the right waves to catch left or right, riding the board in control to where they want to go & have the ocean awareness to plan their own surf sessions.



"Beginning to complete surfing maneuvers"

Surfers read the ocean well, can consistently catch unbroken (green) waves up to shoulder high.

Simple maneuvers such as bottom turns, top turns, cut backs & white water climbs are some of the initial goals in this level. The surfer achieves these by demonstrating a high level of ocean awareness, understands effective body position and can generate speed on the board.