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Looking for lessons and not accommodation? We have Group, Private and Kids lessons available at some of the Algarve's best surfing spots. Whether you’ve never surfed before, or you’re ready for extra coaching, this is a great place to surf. 


We have single day lessons or multi-day courses available to suit everyone, from complete beginners to advanced levels. Your lessons will take place at one of the many beautiful beaches in this region, beach selection will be down to the conditions on that particular day. Each day is made up of one lesson before lunch and one lesson after. You'll get from quality instruction from an experienced and qualified coach. Group size will be a maximum of 8 students to 1 coach.

To benefit from a more in-depth, personalised coaching experience take a look at our 7 Night Lodge Packages.


  • 2 x 1.5 - 2 hour lessons per day to suit the group level
  • Structured tuition with qualified instructors
  • Lesson times between approx 9.15am - 4:30pm 
  • Theory briefing & safety advice
  • Beach picnic lunch 
  • Transport to / from the beach
  • All equipment: surfboard, wetsuit etc.
Group LessonsOctober – MayJune - September 
1 Day (2 lessons)55€60€ 
2 Days (4 lessons)110€120€ 
3 Days (6 lessons)150€165€ 
4 Days (8 lessons)200€220€ 
5 Days (10 lessons)225€250€ 
Extra Days45€50€ 
1 Day Beach Transfer25€25€ 
1 Day Ride & Rent45€45€ 

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL US ON +351 912773147


  • 1 x 1.5 - 2 hour lesson 
  • Structured tuition with qualified instructors
  • Transport to / from the beach 
  • All equipment: surfboard, wetsuit etc.
Private Lessons1 person2 people3 people4 people5 people
1 lesson110€160€210€260€300€
2 lessons220€320€420€520€600€
3 lessons300€450€600€750€870€
4 lessons400€600€800€1000€1160€
5 lessons450€700€950€1200€1400€
Extra lesson90€140€190€240€280€

    BOOK ONLINE OR CALL US ON +351 912773147


    • Approx 2 hrs of lessons & play
    • Playful theory lesson
    • Qualified instructor trained for childrens lessons
    • Transport to / from appropriate beach depending on conditions
    • All equipment: surfboard, wetsuit etc




    All classes are for beginner to intermediate levels, ages 5 - 12.
    Maximum of 4 children or less per instructor.   
    Each child must have basic swimming skills.
    A parent or guardian can join the transport for a beach transfer for 25€ per person


    Kids LessonsPrice
    1 Day50€
    3 Days141€
    5 Days225€
    Extra Day45€


      BOOK ONLINE OR CALL US ON +351 912773147


      “I booked my 7 year old daughter in for a surf lesson with these guys. The whole experience was fantastic, staff were very friendly and helpful from start to finish. The instructor was very professional and patient and really took time to make the day enjoyable for everyone. I would thoroughly recommend surfing with Tiny Whale. It will be a day you won’t forget! Value for money was 5 stars. Thanks to everyone involved! I have a very happy 7 year old *****”

      Patrick, 2016.