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Where's Surfing at in 2022?

Surfing has been around for hundreds of years and the sport has developed rapidly. This year and for years to come we will expect the sport to grow even more. Why is the current situation of the pandemic a good reason to start surfing?

Well first of all surfing feels good, the feeling when catching a wave, helps improve positive mood states, feeling energized, less stressed and to forget about the world around you.

But there are many other life-changing benefits that many starting surfers discover. 


Yes, you can be a surfer. Sunshine and the euphoric feeling of catching a wave, what's not to love about surfing?
You are not too old to learn something, forget about any limitations. There is always an excuse to not do something rewarding in life.

We coached everyone from kids to pensioners, guests with physical limitations or a mental illness. 

Mental health 

Feeling down or depressed? It is proven that surfing has a positive effect on your mental health and boosts your confidence.

These are some of the many mental benefits of surfing:

  •  Exercising in a natural environment lowers your stress level, helps the brain focus and will improve your energy level. The effects are even greater in the water.
  • Science shows that if you overcome a challenge - paddling to catch a wave- the reward -feeling good riding a wave-  involves positive activity in the brain, lowering levels of depression and anxiety.
  • Surfing makes you cope better with problems and increases your self-esteem & self-worth.
  • You will improve the ability to form social relationships, and dare to take risks. 
  • Surfing requires a lot physically, which releases adrenaline and dopamine in equal measures. This gets your blood pumping and sends oxygen flowing into the brain.


Surfing works out more parts of your body than almost any other sport or physical activity. The act of paddling works on your arm strength and power, your pop-up, balance, and control, your core strength, your onboard movement builds up your leg strength as well as your stamina.


"There's something special about this sport that cleanses the soul"

"Not only does the sport connect you with nature & your soul, but also with like-minded people who share the waves"


- Neil, Company founder