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10 Reasons to Learn to Surf on a Surf Holiday

If you decide to learn to surf on a surf holiday there are many benefits. Not only to you, the student, but also your coach who is determined to help you succeed and realize your ambitions and goals.

Over the years, we have met many students who came to day-surf schools and day-lessons to learn to surf before heading off to some beautiful destination for a surf holiday. Whilst you can learn the basics of surfing and then practice during a week of free surfing, it won’t result in flawless technique and eventually slows down your progress as a surfer. A week of surfing with the proper coaching will benefit you greatly as a surfer on all levels.

1. Solid technique

Surfing is a sport that requires a solid technique. If we are building your surf future, we want to build it on solid foundations just like a house. The more time we have the stronger we can lay the foundations. 

2. More practice

With learning anything new the more you practice the more you improve. 

3. Build rapport with your coach

Like all learning experiences, the student and the teacher need to build a bond to communicate information in a beneficial manner.

4. Theory lessons

Benefit from theory lessons to understand the science and reasons behind the sport. For example, wave selection or forecasting science. 

5. Repetition

Repetition builds muscle memory so the more days you are at surf camp the more you will improve by repetition. 

6. Video analysis

Analyze coaching sessions so you can truly visualize your strengths and weaknesses. 

7. Pool sessions

Pool sessions to show you methods to deal with situations in the sea but in a calm friendly environment.

8. Land-based simulation

Land-based simulation training methods like Surfskate. Learn muscle memory for stance and movements required for board control before or as you are mastering it in the sea. 

9. In the right spot, at the right time

Have surf coaches find the best conditions for you and take you to different beaches to suit your individual learning needs. 

10. Because it is fun!

Mix up a holiday with learning a sport and meeting new people whilst exploring or being guided around a beautiful destination by people that know all the ins and outs.

Final thoughts

As a head coach, it has been a mission of mine to invest in students before, during and after lessons, camps, and experiences. The main tips as surf coaches we wish we could put across to all students, not just beginners, are to consider doing some conditioning training before going on a surf holiday. This will allow you to make more progress during your time with us.

Published: 20 May by admin
Tagged: Surfing


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