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5 Pre-Surf Stretches and Yoga Exercises

If you are a yoga lover, the key to your pre-surf stretches is having flow like a vinyasa yoga flow. Scientific studies have shown that static stretching leads to decreased performance and power from muscles where dynamic stretching increases performance. If you are doing sustained holds of poses it will not benefit your surfing. It would be best suited after surfing as it will relieve those well-worked muscles.

So, below are some pre-surf stretches that we would suggest that target all the correct areas.

Dynamic stretching

First, let me explain a little bit of science regarding warm-ups. Dynamic versus static. Static stretching is where you hold a certain pose to stretch a muscle for an arbitrary time. Static is probably the sort of thing you remember from school. Or all too often as we look at some surf schools, we see the old-fashioned methods deployed. Dynamic stretching is moving through a range of motion to improve mobility. And will often look like the sport or activity that is about to be undertaken. 

1. Arm Circles

In both directions and see if you can swing both arms in opposite directions simultaneously. This will prepare arms for paddling.

2. Body circles

Imagine you are keeping a hula hoop up and swing your hips around in circles. this will get the blood flowing in your hips and back

3. Lunges with trunk rotations

lunges with trunk rotations pre surf

Do a lunge and rotate trunk and shoulders to the side of your forward leg so you almost end up looking behind you. This will get the blood flowing to the legs. And with your arms and back already warm start to mimic upper body movements for turning.

4. Leg Swings

Swing left across your body and rotate your trunk and shoulders the opposite way. 

5. The Half Moon

Kneel down put your hands on the sand behind you and lean back as far as you are comfortable. Use your hands for light support and then make your way back to starting position. This will stretch your quads and pelvis and hips which is crucial for fluid surfing.

Please remember all these stretches must be done as a motion and at no point holding a pose.

Another suggested surf warm-up.

Final thoughts

surf inspired yoga stretches pre surf

When it comes to surfing there are many things we can do to help improve our performance in the water. Most surfers pull up in the car park and if they see waves the excitement takes over. And many beneficial pre-surf activities are simply cast to the side. We have definitely been guilty of this over the years. If you are honest with yourselves than we’re sure we can all say we have let our excitement win over routine.

Now take a minute or two to observe someone like Gabriel Medina before a WCT heat or Stephanie Gilmore. The top surfers in the world have almost religious regimes for pre-surf warm-ups. You have to ask yourself if it is good enough for the best surfers in the world it surely is good enough for you!!!

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