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Thank you for your interest in coming to stay & experience a week surfing with us!

Our office hours are 9am - 5pm GMT and we aim to respond to all inquires within 4 hours



In the mean time here's some useful information about a trip with us:

Our packages run from Saturday to Saturday

We know surf holidays are the best they can be when there’s a solid start and finish date to the groups trip for the week. You can arrive a day earlier (Friday) and leave a day later (Sunday) if there’s flight options for these days that are more convenient for you.


We’re serious about surf coaching!

Don’t worry you’re not signing yourself up for a week of 6am starts and intensive paddling drills! We just want to provide the best possible weeks coaching you’ll ever receive, and that includes highly qualified and dedicated surf coaches, a tailored surf coaching plan for the week just for you, plenty of video coaching and a variety of modern techniques to make you a better and more knowledgeable surfer.


Our Surf Lodge 

We’re not your normal surf camp. We’ve upgraded our accommodation & food offering from previous years and are gradually updating our website to reflect all the changes. Forget cramped dorms & squashed private rooms and think sleek, stylish & airy boutique hotel. More info & pictures on our new lodge plus any of our current deals can be found by following us on Facebook & Instagram.


What’s included and pricing   

Virtually everything you’ll need is included, apart from some spending money for two evenings out in our local town of Lagos and airport transfers. A full list of inclusions and prices are featured at the bottom of the package you are interested in on our website.


And finally….

We know booking holidays can be tricky and it’s sometimes nice to speak to a real person. 7 days a week from 9am-5pm we have a knowledgeable team available if you need to chat with us at any point.


Tiny Whale Bookings Team -  +351 91665446


The Tiny Whale Team 




ROXY 2.0: An interview with Inês Tralha...


Roxy 2.0 is back by popular demand!...


This October and November we are excited to host two more Roxy 2.0 weeks, our girls only intermediate surf course. Apparently there's plenty of women out there looking to up their game when it comes to riding the waves like a BOSS so we've added an extra Roxy 2.0 week to cater for demand!

We’re welcoming back top guest coach Inês Tralha, a former Portuguese National Surf Champion and highly experienced surf coach...

Inês has competed globally throughout her career, now she’s an experienced surf coach who’s dedicated years to studying sports, sports science, and advanced level coaching. Needless to say, Tiny Whale can’t wait to have her back!

We caught up with Inês in her home town of Santa Cruz, Madeira for a Q&A:


Q: What do you love most about surfing? ...

The vastness of the ocean and just how wild it can be. Feeling respect for the waves and understanding that you can never have control over them. Then feeling the thrill you get when you harness the ocean’s power and become part of it.


Q: What do you enjoy most about coaching? ...

Sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I just love the nerdy technical and high level stuff! The science behind the body movement, the boards, fins and wave mechanics. That’s really what I live for!


Q: You coach some big wave riders of Nazaré, how do you help them overcome fear? ...

It takes time, plenty of time!  You really need to spend time in the ocean getting to know and understand her really well to build confidence step by step. Practice with experienced instructors and consistency are key. People who decide to take on Nazaré must be determined and seriously dedicated to reach their goals and master this extreme wave.


Q: How would you describe the Roxy 2.0 course? ...

A short summary is hard, there are so many great aspects...

Magical moments happen, new friends are made and amazing memories created. Learn new skills, achieve your goals, and most importantly catch plenty of perfect waves!… that’s my best short version!

Basically the week’s programme is carefully constructed to give each woman the most honest surf experience she can have. It’s all about the surfing. Surfing well, improving your skills and immersing yourself in the culture.


Q: The algarve isn’t usually your base. Why do you choose to lead the Roxy 2.0 course in the Algarve at this time of year? ...

When you know the coastlines around the Algarve it’s an easy choice! The south of Portugal is still warm in Autumn, it’s out of peak season so less crowds and less surfers in the line ups. Waves are great at this time of year in the Algarve as swell picks up for winter. Plus there are plenty of beaches to take advantage of across its two coastlines so we can always find perfect waves for intermediate surfers!



28 October - 4 November 2017
4 - 11 November 2017


We still have some spaces left... Want to sign up?


Find out more: ROXY 2.0
Grab your spot here via our contact form
You can always email us directly at:
Or call us 9am - 5pm (GMT) - 7 days per week on: 00351 91366 5446


We can't wait to hear from you!



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